2018 BMW Z4 on road exterior wallpaper and photos

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2018 BMW Z4 on road exterior wallpaper and photos

2018 BMW Z4 on road exterior wallpaper and photos

. Sunday , August 27th , 2017 - 10:37:48 AM

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2018 BMW Z4 Exterior - Exterior Styling Of This Mean Machine

In comparison to the outgoing Z4 the new 2018 Z4 would be lower and wider. The long bonnet of the same will be fitted with aggressive bumpers giving it a more menacing look. Although it is being said that some of the extreme styling details that one can see in the pictures would get toned out in the actual production, like the wing mirrors might be larger, buttresses, one can see behind the headrests, would actually be the traditionally used folding fabric roofs, etc. The large BMW kidney grills, which are a signature of BMW, would in this case be made smaller and come with lesser chrome in order to fit the registration plate The key highlights of the Z4 that one hopes would be retained in the actual production into:

  • The upward angled styling line of the car, which runs all the way through the side doors of the cars and also helps in breaking up the side body profile of the car, merging it with the rear styling. This really helps in increasing the visual width of the car.
  • Despite the increase in size, the car is expected to be made with steel, aluminum and magnesium, which would reduce the weight of the car, making for an easier and smoother ride.
  • The designing of the car has been done in such a manner that the drive appears to be centrally placed, making sure that he is the focus of all the attention.


2018 BMW Z4 Interiors

This CAR has been designed as a driver’s car and this is apparent not just on the exteriors of the car, but on its interiors as well. While the passenger side of the car is pretty similar to the exterior hue, it is the driver side of the car which comes with its own black color scheme, sprinkled with chrome here and there. However, it is the red paddle shifters which catch your attention the most. Both the passenger and driver seats have been made plush and sporty, ensuring you complete comfort on long drives. However, the contrasting colors of the seats may not be present in the final production. Some of the standout features of the interiors of this car include

  • The infotainment screen actually appears to be floating and is higher on the driver side than on the passenger side, ensuring that the driver does not have to take his eyes off the road.
  • It is controlled by a console, which appears to be embedded in the dash, but actually both simply merge into each other.
  • The steering wheel is unique in the fact that only the bottom spoke connects the rim to the center hub.
  • The pedals are made of aluminum which matches the chrome present in other parts of the car.
  • As expected, the car comes with no rear seats.


2018 BMW Z4 Engine

This car is expected to be the best sports car in its category, and features like timer on the steering wheel, multiple modes for driving and a cockpit which is not cluttered, it can be expected to match all the expectations. While most of the Z4s are expected to be rear wheel drive, but the all wheel drive version would also be available, although at a later date. The engine of the car is expected to be the same as the one being used in the current BMW models. Thus, the basic features of the engine of this car would be a 2.0 litre, four cylinder petrol engine with a possible 3.0 litre six cylinder diesel option.

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