2019 Tesla Roadster Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

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Speed Thy Name Is Going to Be 2019 Tesla Roadster

It is going to be a few years before the next generation model of Tesla Roadster hits the markets. However, it is believed that the mean machine that this company is planning on launching in the year 2019 is going to be not just different, but bigger and much faster than any other car in the market. It is believed that the new supercar by this company would be able to lay claim on the title of ‘fastest accelerating production car’. The aim of the company with this new car is to offer the customers a never before seem performance experience.

Besides the improved performance, the new car will also come in an absolutely new design. The car will get a much needed sporty appearance. The targa roof of the old Roadster would get replaced by a new era fully convertible roof arrangement.

Not much information has been shared about the new Roadster by this electric car manufacturing company, however, from the comments and posts of the CEO of the company, Elon Musk, and a very recent press conference held by the company, a little information about this new car has become available to us.

Some of the changes that you can expect in the 2019 Tesla Roadster and the additional features available in the new model are as follows:

  1. Unlike the original Roadster, which was based on Lotus gliders, the new Roadster would be completely designed and build by Tesla. The old Roadster was not build by this electric car manufacturing company from the ground, and hence, it cannot be claimed to be its car really. On the other hand, in the case of 2019 Roadster, the third generation platform of Tesla, like Model 3, would be used for the designing and complete manufacturing of the same.
  2. The target of the new car is going to be 0-60 mph in less than 2 seconds. If the company is able to actually achieve this target, then it would make this new 2019 Roadster the fastest car ever. In order to achieve this goal, the company is planning on using street legal tire, which would come straight off the production line. The current Model S P100D, which has a Ludicrous Plus performance mode, is able to go from 0-60 mph in 2.28 seconds. This is already the best in the industry, and with Roadster 2019, it plans to surpass its own record. Thus, the company will not be competing with the cars of other manufacturers, but with its own expertise and capabilities.
  3. The inclusion of the autopilot system is going to be a must. All the in-production vehicles currently have to include the necessary sensors. This helps in enabling the semi-autonomous feature in the cars.
  4. Tesla is expected to use its experience in the car manufacturing sector to come up with a new and improved design for the car.
  5. The range of the car is also going to get improved. From the current levels of 244 miles achieved in the first generation models of the car, to increasing the same to 340 miles range. This would be achieved by fitting the cars with an improved battery pack, which comes with LG cells.
  6. The drag in the car is expected to get reduced through the use of a new aero kit.
  7. The tires in the new Roadster are also going to be changed. The new tires used would have a lower rolling resistance.

It was in 2016 that the first model of Roadster was introduced by the company. The company had manufactured and offered a limited number of these vehicles, 2500 only, to the customers. Since 2016, the company has introduced many changes, technological advances and improvements in the manufacturing process. Through all this, the company has managed to gain a lot of experience in the manufacturing and production of electric cars, and is expected to put all this knowledge and experience to use while developing and manufacturing the new 2019 Tesla Roadster.

The company is currently busy with the production and launch of its other projects like the Tesla semi trucks, which are going to hit the markets by the end of this year itself. As a result of this, the company and its officials, who otherwise are pretty vocal about their new projects, have remained quiet about this new 2019 offering. However, it is expected that more news and information about the features and performance levels of the 2019 Roadster would be made public by the company. However, till that time, the only thing that we can be sure of is that this new car by the company is going to give us speed like no other car has been able to give ever before.

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