2020 upcoming cars in Australia

2020 Volkswagen EV concept wallpaper list of upcoming cars in Australia

2020 upcoming cars in Australia
Australia is one of the seven continents and it provides a large market for car companies. Customers always wish to be informed about the upcoming cars from there favorite car makers so that they can plan accordingly. There is a great demand for almost every kind of car in the Australian market, especially for the SUV’s. Luckily for the consumers due to the competition makers are putting in everything to bring the best to the public. Here are some of the upcoming cars that are going to be available in Australia around 2020.

2020 Ford Mondeo

One Ford policy introduced by the makers in order to streamline its family sedan in the European and American market did not go as planned. In the US-market the Ford Mondeo was available in 2012 but it did not get running until the next two year. The major reason behind the set back was its dull looks. Finally, the Mondeo is up for a makeover after almost a decade. There are going to be some changes in the engine and design of the car. It is expected that the Mondeo will appear with a 1.5-liter turbo three-cylinder engine and we will also get to see a hybrid variant as well.

2020 Ford Mondeo Photo Gallery :

2020 Mazda 6

The first generation Mazda did set some milestones in its segment. It came loaded with the Skyactive technology. It is expected that the Mazda 6 will get a Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition engine that will drastically decrease the CO2 emissions and will also increase the mileage of the car. Rumors suggest that the Mazda 6 will feature a V6 engine. Expect the performance of the car to be more refined and the interior is going to be more spacious. We will see the Mazda 6 in the Australian market by late 2019 or before mid-2020.

2020 Mazda 6 Photo Gallery :

2020 Volkswagen EV

Volkswagen spokesman Kurt McGuiness has stated that an EV is going to be released soon and it will reach the Australian market by 2020. There are going to be a few models that will be released over time. The first one among them is going to be a Golf-sized ID hatchback concept.  There is no specific information about the vehicle yet but we expect to see some details soon.

Porsche Mini E

Porsche is a big name in the car business. The makers are soon planning to start the production of the all-new Mini E. It is expected that the car will go into production by the late 2019 and will most probably reach the Australian market in 2020. Many people will be looking ahead to see what this car is going to be like.

2020 Porsche Mini E Photo Gallery:

Genesis SUV
The luxury wing of the Korean car maker Hyundai will be releasing two new SUV’s in Australia in 2020. While the release of the G70 and G80 was postponed, the manager of external affairirs at Hyundai Australia, Bill Thomas has stated that the company is planning two bring two new SUV models for the country. Seeing the looks of the G80 we are sure that the upcoming SUV’s will not only get a dominant look but will also be extremely stylish.

2020 is going to be an amazing year for the Australian Car market as a lot of new and evolved cars are going to be introduced. We are going to see everything from Mini cars to EV’s being released in 2020. For all the car enthusiast this is going to be great news. If you are planning to buy a car around 2020 then all these cars are a viable option.


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