Ford Excursion 2018 – Rumors, Price , Features and Release Date

Ford Excursion 2018 white color side view - full view of Ford Excursion 2018

Ford Excursion 2018: Rumours, Features, Release Date and Price

Ford has always worked hard to please their customers with best of the best automobiles and services. Excursion is the latest example to be launched in the near future for car-lovers. 2018 Excursion is coming up many vital changes in the interior – exterior designing and advanced features. It will stand high in the market as a full-size SUV. If the rumors are to be believed, the car holds many significant features to attract the market and it will mark new highs with sales. Experts believe that the new Excursion will soon become the first choice for people who love challenging adventurous rides. It will be picked up for a big family as well.

Ford Excursion 2018 white color side view - full view of Ford Excursion 2018

Ford Excursion 2018 Exterior:

The exterior body is believed to have major similarities with the F150 model. It will be seen with five doors with one big door at the back for the cargo space. Enhanced new headlights with LED technology will help make driving easier at night with their improved sharpness. Apart from that, fog lights have been worked upon to improve its efficiency in foggy and rainy weathers.

Ford Excursion 2018 Exterior photo images - white color Ford Excursion 2018 Exterior outside

The components used for making the body (mostly carbon) will lower down the body weight affecting the quality of performance. Reduction in weight and better fuel efficiency will contribute significantly in better performance. The big wheels will add extravagantly to the stability of the vehicle.

Ford Excursion 2018 Interior:

Ford Excursion 2018 Interior - view inside the car photo images

Ford Excursion 2018 cabin view - Ford Excursion Cabin inside view photo images

The interiors have changed for the better. It has comfortable seating arranged in three rows for seven to eight passengers. Each seat will have its own new safety belt and headrest. Along with this, the cargo space is also massive. The dashboard will sport a LCD display with special features such as GPS, entertainment tools, etc. The components used to beautify and comfort the interiors have made it a better version from the previous one. However, similarities can be seen with the F150 model.

Ford Excursion 2018 Trunk - Ford Excursion 2018 boot space image photo

Engine and Gas Mileage:

Ford Excursion 2018 Engine photo images

According to the rumors about the engine, 2 versions of the engine will be made available to the buyers. The first version would have 5.0 liter V8 unit for high power generation. This would be the choice of engine for people more interested in adventurous rides. The second version, however, would have 3.6 liters EcoBoost V6 unit. This version of the engine would be eco-friendly, reducing the levels of pollution contributed by the vehicle and increasing the acceleration. Both Automatic and Manual 7-speed transmissions will be made available to meet the demands of performance from the buyers. Rear wheel drive will remain as standard, however, four-wheel drive will be available as an option to the buyers. Overall, both the engines would renew the experience of driving in terms of smoothness, comfort, fuel consumption and pick-up acceleration.

Ford Excursion 2018 Expected Price and Release Date:

Ford has not accepted nor denied any of the rumors. Thus, there is a possibility that the car would be launched in 2018; however, there is no confirmation on the exact release date. It is expected to price slightly higher than its previous version with its all new advanced features and designing. It is rumored to fall between 56,000 – 60,000 USD. Since there has been no official announcement from the Ford, this is taken as an educated guess from the experts.

Ford Excursion 2018 Photo Gallery 

ford excursion 2018 seating interior view ford excursion backside inside view  ford excursion boot view space - ford excursion open boot image photo  Ford excursion side zoom out view - Ford excursion Black color side photo imageford excursion front view on road - ford excursion front headlightsford excursion 2018 interior view - backside view from insideFord Excursion 2018 dashboard view photo 2018 - steering wheel inside view pic

Ford Excursion 2018 Dual Panel Panoramic Vista Roof - inside roof view

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