2018 Buick Excelle GT Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

2018 buick excelle gt test drive on track hd images and pics

Drive Around In the Compact Luxury Sedan

The compact luxury sedan Buick Excelle GT is sold under General Motor’s Buick brand and is marketed by Shanghai General Motors Corporation. It was sold for six years, between 2003 and 2009 in the Chinese market. And now the company is getting the new generation model of Buick Excelle GT ready that will arrive at the Chinese dealerships in the next year sometime.

The existing generation of Buick Excelle GT was launched in the year 2015, hence the sedan will be getting the midlife facelift. The sales have not gone down yet, it is just a precautionary measure, a trick to keep the market hooked to the car.

2018 Buick Excelle GT Exterior and Interior:

The Buick Excelle GT has been redesigned slightly and could be changed further in future. Although the redesigned model looks quite similar to the existing one but a few things keeps indicating that it is indeed different from the same. The car is made on the same platform, that is Delta II, but its aggressive bumper makes it look a little wider with a little more curve on the rear end. The front also looks massive because of the LED front lights that are shaped in modern design frame.

The cabin is said to have been updated with the more premium interiors with the touch screen infotainment system. The infotainment system might support either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Nothing has been cleared about it yet. The centre console has brushed aluminium inserts with contrast piano black surrounding.

2018 Buick Excelle GT Engine:

Under the hood, Buick Excelle GT might use either the same 1.5 litre or 1.6 litre petrol motor with approximately 113 horsepower. It could also have a 1.4 litre turbo engine. The first model of renewed Buick Excelle GT model might offer five speed manual transmission and six speed automatic transmission while the second one could have seven speed DCG transmission.

The Buick Excelle GT looks a lot like the Buick Verano in the US or Opel Astra and Chevrolet Cruze in Europe. This is because they are all similar in design and hence their outside look almost the same, powertrain has the same performances and cabin carries the same equipment. The reason is all of these cars are made in the factory of General Motors which has sections all over the world.

2018 Buick Excelle GT Price :

The Buick Excelle GT 2018 is a model for the average buyer hence, its price is adjusted accordingly. The price is said to be starting from $17,500. Almost everything about the car is as good as a guess until the model is launched next year. All the reports have been based on the quick hidden look of the test drive of the new improved model. The mystery will uncover itself on the day of its launch, including the changes, the improvements, the similarities and the price. So, hold your breath and wait for the new improved, next generation ready model of Buick Excelle GT. Hope it surpasses the expectations.

2018 Buick Excelle GT Photo Gallery :

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