2019 Bentley Bentayga Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

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The 2019 Bentley Bentayga  is a remarkable and magnificent car that is sure to impress enthusiasts of luxury cars due to the fact that its exterior looks make it appear perfect when compared to the other variants. Well, you should have been captivated about what it has in this opulent car. We shall collectively view what the benefits of interest are as nice as the advanced state-of-the art technology in this car.

Well, with its 600 horsepower and over 660 pound-feet of torque, the freakish W12 engine can drive the heavy beast from 0-60 miles per hour in just less than four seconds. Bentayga could agitate a decent sports car (SUV) on the road, but the most fortunate occupants may be too busy enjoying the great life inside to observe the same. Bentayga comes with a Mulliner Hamper which is an intrinsic segment of the modern day luxury lifestyle experience. There are 3 boxes that fit into a stem, gliding forth on rails when one wants to access to the tidbits inside. The car is powered by a Naim Audio System consisting of 22 speakers in total along with a 1,950 watt amplifier and a subwoofer in the stem with its own, individual 300 watt amp. There is an optional fridge that provides a set of Linley Cutlery made in China, which one can take along for campings.

Besides, the car also has Headlamp washers, home-grown Apple watch app and a Breitling chronograph. Bentley has partnered up with Breitling for a marvellous, hand-made chronograph timer with 8 real diamonds embedded on the frame exclusively for the car. Well, it would demand one to pay generously for a Bentley Bentayga if they would need it in their life. It would cost close to £160,200, or around $170k and only 4 numbers of these cars shall be manufactured every year. Though there are several rivals entering the sector, Bentayga will be the first in the luxury SUV arena and at the moment unchallenged.

The new variant will look much flamboyant than the existing Bentayga and credits in part to a coupe-like leaning roof line. It will be also more compelling to drive, though it is expected to use the same 6.0-litre redesigned W12 engine as the existing previous model.  The W12 engine weighs a whopping 2422kg and complies with the phase 2 of Euro 6 emission norms, besides featuring a twin-scroll turbos to derive rapid response times and variable displacement that would cut off half the cylinders when under light load. Gently expedite the throttle lever and you will see the beast sprinting from 0-60mph in close to 4.0 seconds flat. The top speed of the Bentayga is close to 187mph. The most recent ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox is fitted, with power guided and dispersed to all four wheels

It is most likely to make its debut during a major auto show in 2019 once approved for production. By then, many rivals pf Bentley Motors will have entered the rapidly sprouting super-SUV segment. The final design is yet to be kicked off, with production teams deliberately working on creating competing designs for this classier Bentayga. The company aspires to draw in young budding buyers to the marque with this extravagant edition of its first ever sports utility vehicle.

The Bentayga also comes with an impressive chassis; hugely fast for its size besides a affluent cabin. The chassis is built-in with a range of eight different settings to choose from – four on-road modes known as Sport, Comfort, ‘Bentley’ and Custom, and an additional four off road / all-terrain modes known as Snow & Grass, Dirt & Gravel, Mud & Trail and Sand Dunes.  A ‘mix and match’ mode that allows the driver to combine both the on-road and off-road modes is also made available.

Bentayga for the first time introduces something known as ‘Bentley Dynamic Ride’ – an effective whirl system that utilizes 48V electronics rather than pneumatics to manage and regulate the control system. According to Bentley, the advantage derived here is a significant improvement in the time it takes to neutralize lateral wheeling forces. Bentayga comes with an electric power steering, flexible radar cruise control, twilight vision, watchful display, and a highly inconceivable rear entertainment system. Bentley’s chassis engineers have worked wonders to regulate the momentous forces generated by the Bentayga’s weight. The electric power steering is accurate and fluidic, with a sturdy and steady inclination and a tolerable feel. An energetic ride could have eliminated feel, but Bentley has devised in a small amount of twirl to assist the driver to figure out the level of possible grip.

Well, there is no other car till date known to have an off road capability that is as swift on road and as ritzy as the Bentayga. It has no rivals in that respect. Emphatically, a Range Rover Sport SVR and Porsche Cayenne Turbo are a bit more intuitive, and the Range Rover’s experience gets closer when it comes to comprehensive comfort. However, nothing can wrap it up into a complete fully loaded package like the Bentley Bentayga.

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