2019 Kia Sedona Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

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Buy The 2019 Kia Sedona Minivan And Get An SUV Experience

A new version of Sedona minivan is about to be launched by the company and it would be called 2019 Kia Sedona. Like all the other new minivans that are being launched by various automakers, even this car promises to revitalize the minivan segment. However, what makes the promises of this company more believable than those by many other competitors, is the fact that the first images and spy shots released on the new Sedona minivan show some major changes to the exterior, interiors as well as the engineering of the minivan. While most of the new launches in the minivan segment are pretty similar to their older versions, with some very minute changes, the new 2019 Kia Sedona promises a whole new driving experience.

Five models of the new minivan would be offered by the company, namely, L, LX, EX, SX and SX-L. The Sedona is known all over the world as a quality car for the entire family, and this is one quality which the makers of the car are planning on retaining even in their upgraded version. Although, the makers are trying to change the appearance of the minivan in such a manner that instead of appearing like a housewife car, it looks like a sporty car for even the alpha males.

Some of the most significant changes that one notices in the new 2019 Kia Sedona are as follows:

Changes To The Exterior Of The Minivan

  • This car would look a lot more like an SV than a minivan.
  • Helmet line with less clearance would be offered in this car.
  • There will be a buckle line that will rise from the column of the windscreen and run all through the van with minimum creases.
  • The front of the vehicle will come with a renegade grid that would be flanked by new LED lights.
  • The rear side of the car would also have a remodeled roofing spoiler and new taillights.
  • The wheels, their trims and height of the vehicle will remain the same, at 17 inches, 19 inches and 18 inches respectively.
  • The user profile of the vehicle is going to stay sophisticated.

Changes To The Interiors Of The Minivan

  • The furnishings in all the five models of Sedona are going to be extremely comfortable. In the case of L, LX and EX models, there is going to be seating arrangement for 8 passengers, in the case of SX and SX-L models, three series of seats are going to be present.
  • The weight capacity of the vehicle will expand by 142 cubic feet.
  • All models will allow the second row seats to collapse and create the loader area. However, in the case of SX-L model, even the second row seats would be created in an individual living room seats manner, and will come with a headrest and flats for legs. Thus, there will be a lower loader area in this model.
  • All the conventional equipments present in the old Sedona will be present in the new models as well like 4.3 inch touchscreen, rearview camera, USB port, etc. In addition to these, when you purchase the higher models of the vehicle, you will get many additional equipments like 8 speaker systems, automatic control environment, cold safety gloves, two moving roofs, electric elevator, power curtains, rear car parking device, navigation systems, leather upholstery, infotainment Uovo system, etc.

Changes To The Engine Of The Minivan

The changes in the engine and the engineering of the minivan are going to be the most significant and the key changes made in this vehicle.

  • The currently used six speed unit will be replaced by an eight speed automatic transmission.
  • The soundproofing engine shield, dual seal doors and improved wheel arches, help in reducing the noise levels of the vehicle, offering a smoother and peaceful ride.
  • The engine used in the new vehicle is going to be a gasoline V6 engine by Lambada of 3.3 liters. This engine will replace the earlier 3.5 liter engine.
  • The power generated by the engine of the vehicle would be about 276 HP at 6000 rpm, and 248 Nm torque at 5200 rpm.

Price And Release Date Of 2019 Kia Sedona

Each model of the car will come in a different price range. While the most basic model, L trim will cost somewhere around, $26 400, LX will start at $28,600. EX would be priced at about $32,700, SX at about $36,400 and SX-L will be starting at $39,900. The expected release date of this vehicle is early 2019, however, no confirmed news in this regard has been released by the company yet.

The new 2019 Kia Sedona is expected to make riding minivans cool this new vehicle offers great looking interiors as well as exterior and offer high levels of safety. The pricing of the same is also expected to be pretty reasonable, making it a good buy for your money.

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