2020 Apple iMaybe – Concept Photos, Features, Price, Release Date

2020 Apple iMaybe concept raw image

2020 Apple iMaybe – Features, Price, Release Date

Apple is no more just a fruit, but it is a very well – recognised Multinational Company which has made its mark in the field of technology. Apple is a giant in producing high – end mobile devices like smartphones and computing devices like laptops which had made a place in nearly every household. It has been in news lately because of its new intervention in the sphere of automotive industry. Apple has shown its keen interest in launching its first ever automotive vehicle with the assistance from BMW. Apple has been expanding its work division and adding work force to start producing its own cars. There have been heavy recruitments of battery engineers from hugely established electric automotive companies of today’s times. The upcoming cars from Apple are being developed in deep secrecy with very limited information about them but the Apple fans are eagerly waiting for its launch or even for any news from the company’s side. Despite this, it may be inferred quite easily that this American Multinational Technology company looks forward to transforming the automotive industry with its upcoming car.

2020 Apple iMaybe concept photo images 2020 Apple car concept images raw design photos

2020 Apple iMaybe Features

2020 Apple iMaybe concept raw image 2020 Apple iMaybe concept car image

The 2020 Apple iMaybe is expected to be a completely automated vehicle that would provide seating to four passengers. This car would be built in association with BMW which would serve either as a product partner or an automotive supplier. It would be heavily connected to the Internet via iPhone 12, as speculated. It is rumoured that the Apple maybe forming the textured metal surfaces and a fresh interface for the driver. It is being anticipated that iMaybe could be built on the same platform as the BMW i3 but slightly longer and possibly wider. The interiors are being presumed to be of high end technology because of the reputation that the company carries. Straight-cut aluminium surfaces, real leather, glass and sapphire screens and even premium plastics on some buttons are to be assumed throughout the cabin. It is envisaged to house a battery-electric drivetrain and impressive specifications to attract buyers. However, the most awaited feature of the car will be its range and the autonomous driving mode. The car might offer a rather short recharge time and increased usage time in order to be able to maintain its fanatics and stand in competition with its rivals. The introduction of iMove concept will surely reshape and revolutionize the automotive world with its style and performance. One can easily believe that the 2020 Apple iMaybe might prove out to be the fastest cars ever.

2020 Apple iMaybe concept photo true images 2020 Apple iMaybe concept pics

2020 Apple iMaybe Release date and Price

This upcoming car from the Apple is expected to be launched not earlier than 2020 and it would surely be an expensive car to buy. It is being predicted to price more than $30,000. However, according to the experts, since Apple has never been associated with any other company in its past, its association and work quotient with BMW is remarkably under doubt.

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