2020 Dodge Charger Rumors, Features, Price, Redesign & Release Date

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2020 Dodge Charger

Reports came in 2016 that the all-new Dodge Charger and Challenger have been again delayed and won’t be released before 2020. Dodge is putting in some major efforts in developing the new Dodge charger in order to replace the previous model. The power and performance of the Charger model have made it one of the most sold Dodge cars. It is expected that with the new update there are going to be some major changes in terms of the interior and the performance of the car. There is absolutely no doubt that it is going to be one of the best cars Dodge has ever produced.

2020 Dodge Charger Exterior

One thing that can be surely stated about the upcoming Dodge Charger is that it is going to be developed by user lighter material than its predecessor. The lightweight is going to bring a lot of benefits, both the performance and mileage of the car are going to get better. Although the makers won’t cut on the size of the car to make it lighter. The predecessor of the Dodge Charger had a boxy design but the 2020 variant won’t carry forward that legacy rather it is going to be a lot more curvy on the edges and overall as well. The latest design of the car takes cues from the R/T concept car that was introduced back in 1999. The aerodynamic design of the 2020 Charger will definitely be a lot more attractive and will catch many eyes instantaneously. Then, Alfa Romeo Giulia program that is going to be installed on the 2020 variant is going to be responsible for the decrease in the weight of this beauty. The Charger’s front grille is going to be as unique as ever and will be the highlight feature of its front fascia. There are going to be new bumpers and a new light unit.

2020 Dodge Charger Interior

Unfortunately, there aren’t any details regarding the interior of the upcoming Charger. Dodge has clearly stated that it is going to focus on making modern vehicles, so one can expect to see quite a lot of changes in the interior of the 2020 Charger. The makers will do everything to make it fit among the competitors. The making of the 2020 Charger will definitely involve a comprehensive redesign. The interior will definitely get the much-needed redesign. The upgrade will undoubtedly make it a better vehicle for the driver as well as the riders. It is expected that the changes are going to be minor as compared to the changes on the exterior. A more advanced navigation and infotainment system is definitely on the cards. It will definitely come installed with features like lane detection system and collision warning system. It is expected to come with an 8.4 touch system enabled with Bluetooth and NFC.

2020 Dodge Charger Engine

It is a tad bit early to tell what the makers will offer under the hood. Most rumors suggest that there will be two options provided to the buyers. One is going to be a 6 cylinder engine with 3.6-liter displacement. The second engine option will be the one that powers the all-new Charger SRT, it is going to be a V8 engine with 6.1-liter displacement and up to 640 horsepower. There is no doubt that the 2020 model is going to be a beast in terms of performance.

2020 Dodge Charger Release Date and Price

It won’t make it until the late 2019 and may be delayed to early 2020.  The price of the 2020 Dodge Charger is going to be somewhere around thirty thousand dollars although nothing can be said surely as there is a lot of ambiguity about the changes that will come with this car. It all depends on how major the changes are.

The new 2020 Dodge Charger does look like an amazing choice and might attract a lot of buyers. The dominant and flashy looks combine with good performance can be the game changer for Dodge.

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