2020 Dodge Viper Rumors, Features, Price ,Redesign & Release Date

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2020 Dodge Viper
The production of the Dodge Viper was stopped in 2017 due to low demand. It is being said that the famous muscle car will be coming back to the market in 2020. If this is actually to be believed then a lot of muscle car fans are going to be delighted by the news. The Fiat Chrysler Auto Group stopped production of the Viper just last year giving low sales as the major reason, this news was not taken well by a lot of muscle car lovers, for them the seeing the return of this car is going to be a delight. Although the major difference is going to be that the new model won’t come equipped with the notorious V-10 engine that was the reason behind the insane performance of the Viper and the reason behind its elongated bonnet look. Here are some of the details about the upcoming 2020 Dodge Viper.

2020 Dodge Viper Exterior
So the styling on the new 2020 Dodge Viper does seem to be very familiar to the older model. The aerodynamic package that is installed on the vehicle comes with a carbon fiber splitter which was also seen on the 2017 model. The splitter serves its purpose and at the same time gives the car a more appealing look. On both the sides of the bumper, we are going to see carbon-fiber canards on each side of the bumper. The extra pair of canards that are attached to the bumpers makes the 2020 variant look different.

The major reason behind not bringing huge changes to the Viper is that the car already looks amazing and has everything in terms of exteriors look that one will want. It may possibly be built on a spaceframe platform and lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber are going to be used by the makers in order to shed down the weight of the vehicle by a few pounds. Dodge will preserve the actual design but make the car seem much bolder than ever. The car looks very sporty, the low grille on the front fascia looks amazing and the headlights go well with the design. The long bonnet on the car makes it look unique. Overall it is an amazing looking car.

2020 Dodge Viper Interior
It isn’t easy to guess what exactly is going to be offered in the cabin of the 2020 Dodge Viper but one thing is sure that the car will come with a flashy and sporty cabin. We might get to see new wheel options and also all sorts of grip controls. The makers might also kick the safety features up to a notch in order to make it a completely balanced vehicle. We will get this car loaded with all the essential features and will get the best equipment. The steering wheel and the dashboard will carry a sporty look as well.

2020 Dodge Viper Engine
As of now, there are rumors going on that the 2020 Dodge Viper might come with a naturally aspirated V8 engine that is going to be capable of producing over 550 bhp. There is also going to be a completely new V8 Hellcat engine that will have enhanced performance figures and will give up to 700 bhp. We might get to see other engine options being introduced in the future. It is possible that the 2020 Dodge Viper might come up with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

2020 Dodge Viper Release Date and Price
There isn’t any official information about the release date of the car. But rumors suggest that it might be able to hit the market in the latter half of the year 2020. There isn’t much information available to suggest the price as well. As the looks seem a lot like the 2017 variant we expect the car to be placed somewhere around $85,000.

The 2020 Dodge Viper comes as a relief for a lot of muscle car fans. We hope that the car manages to gather respectable sales in the market, unlike its predecessor. The car has everything that one looks for in a sporty car. The exterior as well as the interiors are bang on and give tuff competition to a lot of brands in the market.

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