2020 Hyundai Genesis Rumors, Features, Price ,Redesign & Release Date

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2020 Hyundai Genesis
Hyundai’s Genesis division, which has been a success in the past has been recently facing some challenges. The sales in its number one market that is the US, sales have been going down recently. As of now in the US the Genesis range comprises of the G80 and G90. In November 2015, Hyundai has announced that there are going to be a total of six vehicles in the range by 2020. The vehicles that will be part of the range by 2020 will be the G70

,G80, G90, GC80, GV70, GV80. The upcoming cars are going to rival big names in the market like the BMW X3, X5 etc. The makers will do everything to boost the sales of the Genesis division and get an upper hand in the market. Here are the details that we know as of now about the 2020 Hyundai Genesis.

2020 Hyundai Genesis Exterior
2020 Genesis is all geared up to come in the marketplace. We expect the exterior design of the vehicle to be more stylish and modern. We will see a cut in the weight of the vehicle as well.  Be it the coupe or the SUV both will carry on with a huge grille in terms of breadth through the grille won’t cover much of the front fascia in terms of the length. The front fascia looks amazing with the grill. The aerodynamics on the cars are also going to be a lot better. Expect to see the sharper design on all the Genesis models that are going to be released in the year 2020.

2020 Hyundai Genesis Interior
To gather more customers the makers are going to work on the looks of both the upcoming coupe as well as the SUV variants. We expect to see the latest technology in the 2020 Genesis. They are going to bring in the best navigation and safety features. The coupe variant is going to get some very handy improvements. The size of the car will be increased to provide more comfort to the passengers. The dashboard will come with a big wood veneer with a screen fitted at the center. There is going to be some wood and leather cladding on the interiors as well.

2020 Hyundai Genesis Engine
As of now, the Genesis uses different engines like the 4-tube, V-6, and V-8 engine. The biggest G80 sedan gets 3.8-liter V-6 which makes use of a 3-stage variable intake method, a triangular injector as standard. On the

2020 Hyundai Genesis Coupe we are most likely going to see various engines. The makers might use a 3.0L V-6 engine as standard on the coupe variant. There isn’t any official announcement about the engine specifics as of now but we expect that there might not be a huge change in this department but the performance of all the vehicle in the Genesis division is going to get a boost.

2020 Hyundai Genesis Release Date and Price
The details about the date of the Release of the vehicle have not been made public by the company yet. But ye expect to see the Genesis division cars to be released in the market either around the end of 2020 or before the mid of 2020. The customers will have to wait for a bit to get a more precise information regarding the exact time of the release of the cars. Although the makers wish the 2020 Genesis to compete with brands like the BMW and Mercedes the fact is that the Genesis does not hold the same reputation as of now, so we hope that the prices are going to be lower than the competition. The Genesis SUV will cost somewhere near $65000.

The upcoming 2020 Genesis Coupe and SUV are definitely worth waiting for. If you are planning to buy a new vehicle by then, then this range will definitely hype you up and give you a few options to choose from. It will be fun to see whether 2020 Genesis will actually be able to compete with the likes of BMW and Mercedes and if they do then who is going to emerge victoriously.

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