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The Surprise Launch Of Tesla Roadster 2020 Leaves Everyone Stumped And Excited

The Tesla’s Semi event had a huge surprise in store for the entire auto industry and its customer. At this event, the company announced the launch of its all new 2020 Roadster. The company is claiming that this vehicle will offer a performance level and range that is unheard of in the semi truck segment.

The Tesla Roadster 2020 is going to be an all electric car and will have the capacity to take you from LA to San Francisco and get you back from there as well in just one full charge. Besides this amazing range, the power and speed of this vehicle are also going to be at exceptionally high levels. You can expect the vehicle to go from 0 to 60 in just a matter of 1.9 seconds. Now, if this new Roadster is actually able to deliver on these two big promises, you will have to agree that this vehicle is going to put all the other electric vehicles to shame. However, we are still finding it extremely hard to believe that an all electric car would be able to offer such high speed levels. I guess we will just have to wait and watch how Tesla manages to pull this rabbit out of its hat.

This new vehicle by Tesla is actually the brainchild of Jan Peisert, who is one of the world’s best digital designers. Therefore, along with some really amazing performance, you can also expect the designing of the car to be very stylish. In fact, from what the spy shots reveal, this thing looks pretty similar to BMW Z4 and Toyota FT-1. With such power, performance and looks, the company’s claims that this semi truck will put all the other gasoline powered vehicles to shame, appears to be true.

Let’s take a closer look at this new 2020 Tesla Roadster, starting with its looks and styling

Some of the most outstanding and prominent features about the appearance of this vehicle are as follows:

  • At first glance, the vehicle looks pretty similar in styling to the other cars of the company. It has the curvy styling cues that are present on the Models S, X and 3 as well. While in the Model S this curvy styling did not appear very attractive, in the case of 2020 Roadster, the vehicle is being designed from the ground up and therefore, these curvy styles appear cohesive and attractive.
  • With only a single opening at the bottom, the front fascia of the vehicle is absolutely smooth and sleek. The front fascia is completely different from all the predecessors.
  • The headlights have been placed below the arches of the fenders and they are narrow in shape, which gives the nose of the car an aggressive and low slung appearance.
  • The sides of the car make it appear like a vehicle straight out of a superhero movie. The narrow greenhouse opening, raked roof and a small and retractable wing all make this car appear like a supercar.
  • It comes with a targa top and removable roof panels.
  • The rear of the car does not disappoint either. It is just as dramatic as the front and sides of the car. The well defined shoulders and wide fenders do give the vehicle a strong and fierce look.
  • The tail lights are very slim and almost melt into the bodywork.
  • To keep the vehicle steady at speed levels as high as 250 MPH, integrated diffuser has been placed in the rear of the vehicle.

The interiors of the vehicle are pretty much in keeping with the general policy of the Tesla company, of keeping things minimalist. Some of the attractive features found inside the Tesla Roadster 2020 included central screen in an S-like shape, steering wheel which is in the style of a futuristic airplane and a very clean and clutter free dashboard. The displays on both the passenger as well as the driver side of the dashboard are very thin. These displays help the driver and the passenger control and monitor the speed of the vehicle, along with the other performance data like the G forces.

How many seats in 2020 Tesla Roadster

However, the biggest surprise that the interiors of this car has to offer its seating for 4. For the first time, Roadster comes with rear seats allowing 4 people to comfortably ride this vehicle.

Tesla Roadster 2020 Release Date and Price :

The vehicle will hit the markets in 2020 and will have a starting price of around $200000. In fact, anyone wanting to buy this vehicle will have to pay a booking advance of $50000. Therefore, if you are really interested in this vehicle, you need to start saving for the same immediately. The limited, lucky few who attended the launch of this vehicle have already put down their booking deposit with the company.

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