Top Cars coming to Australia in 2018

2018 Holden Commodore wallpaper - upcoming Medium-Sized Cars in Australia 2018

Come 2018, Australians will have plenty to choose from a wide range of cars that are scheduled to hit the market. Be it hatchback, mid-size, SUVs or performance cars. We bring you a list of some of the most popular models under various segments, just so you can spot and pick the best one suitable for you.

Top upcoming Small-Cars 2018 in Australia :

  1. Ford Focus
  2. Mazda 3
  3. Toyota Corolla
  4. Mercedes Benz A Class
  5. BMW 1 Series

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Top upcoming SUVs 2018 in Australia :

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Top upcoming Medium-Sized Cars 2018 in Australia :


The Top Small-Cars Coming to Australia in 2018

→ Ford Focus

Ford next-gen Focus has been one of the most expected new breed of family cars for the year 2018. Wider and longer than the current generation vehicle, the Ford Focus promises to pack in more leg-room and luggage space along with improved interiors.

Ford Focus Photo Gallery

→ Mazda 3

Mazda 3 will be getting a few mild updates with the most prominent change being the addition of Smart City Brake Support (SCBS). Appearance wise, the car will retain its sharp looks. Updates inside the cabin will include overhead console with sunglass holder.

Mazda 3 Photo  Gallery:


→ Toyota Corolla

One of the best-selling cars in the world for more than five-decades, the Toyota Corolla is all set to roll out their flagship car with more roomy interiors. Along with a reputable crash-test record, it is going to be loaded with comfort and efficiency.

Toyota Corolla Photo Gallery:



→ Mercedes Benz A Class

mercedes benz a class upcoming car in Australia 2018 wallpaper

The premium hatchback from Mercedes, the A Class is all set to grab eyeballs for its sleek, yet compact design along with some great new features including the possibility of modified bumpers, bonnet and doors to give it a fresher, more modern look. Aside from the mentioned upgrades, it is highly possible the makers are going to offer more powerful and efficient engines.

→ BMW 1 Series

The next in line premium hatchback from BMW is set for launch sometime in the mid 2018, and will be using a front-wheel drive platform for added efficiency. Design wise, the car will retain its core elements with minor additions to the interiors. A tad taller and wider, the BWM 1 Series will have more boot and rear passenger space.

BMW 1 Series Photo Gallery:

The Top SUVs coming to Australia in 2018

→ Subaru Forester

With a visible makeover to its exteriors, the all new Subaru Forester is wider than its previous versions. On the interior, the first thing grabbing our attention is the extensive use of leather, and the sophisticated instruments panel. Talk about performance, the car is simply outstanding, which makes it something to aspire for.

Subaru Forester Photo Gallery:

→ Ford Edge

The all new Ford Edge promises to be contemporary, compact and competent SUV with style and grace. With an abundance of decorative upgrades to the exterior and interior, this car is sure to pack a punch both in terms of style and performance. For the tech-savvy drivers, it is loaded with Ford Sync 3 infotainment system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability, a premium audio system, rear camera, and a reverse sensing system.

Ford Edge Photo Gallery :

→ Mazda CX5

Loaded with the turbo engine that could give Ford and Subaru Forester a serious competition, the Mazda CX5 is going to be quieter, lighter and more fuel efficient by trade facts. With very minimal modifications both on the exterior and interiors, looks like the Mazda CX5 is concentrating more on performance than elegance.

Mazda CX5 Photo Gallery :

→ Holden Acadia

The fully-imported, seven-seat Holden Acadia promises a lot in offering quality build and performance with value for money. With more focus on space and storage, it will be an all-new vehicle for Holden in the SUV segment, which makes it even more exciting. Topping it up, Australia will be one of the first exclusive markets in the entire world selling Acadia with right-hand drive.

Holden Acadia Photo Gallery :

→ Infiniti QX50

Armoured with a turbocharger, the four-cylinder Infiniti QX5 will be 27 percent more efficient than a six-cylinder with equivalent power. From the initial look of the vehicle, it shows signs of more interior space, making ample room for the passengers, especially in the rear.

Infiniti QX5 Photo Gallery :

The Top Medium-Sized Cars coming to Australia in 2018


→ Holden Commodore

The all-new Holden Commodore with the powerful V8 engine
(0-100kmh in about 5 seconds), will be a technical tour-de-force loaded with the hottest driver assistance systems, and sleek European design. One of the most eagerly expected cars in the segment, this technical beauty is sure to make a very lasting impression when it hits the road.

Holden Commodore Photo Gallery :

→ Volvo S60 

A handsome sedan, Volvo S60 is lined up with outstanding interiors and performance. A fine balance between comfortable drive quality and handling, it scores well ahead with excellent safety features.

Volvo S60 Photo Gallery


→ Honda Accord

With a complete makeover, the new Honda Accord will have a longer wheelbase and fresh engine line-up. The V-6 engine is replaced by 2.0-liter turbo-four engine. In addition, more rear-seat legroom makes this car even more spacious for that extra luxury seating experience.

Honda Accord Photo Gallery

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